Fri Nov 15 09:32:45 EST 2019

An s-expression front-end


I really want this.  Monadic notation is too cumbersome and it is
really just a syntactic problem.

I don't hink it would be necessary to create a Template Haskell
S-expression front-end.  It seems that Seq programs are untyped enough
to be "interpreted".  This actually turned out to be a feature!

This is actually something that can be thought of as a core design
element, and also makes RAI and Seq quite close.  If more type
encoding is necessary, it is possible to just create a "phantom
wrapper" in Haskell to express higher level ideas.

Let's give this a try.  There is a parser in

EDIT: I already started this in

EDIT: Jump is too big.  Reduce scope.  Stick to just doing C gen.