Fri Nov 15 08:57:55 EST 2019

state machine language

Get past procrastination here..  What is the actual problem that needs
to be solved?  Mapping a description to code.

Start with the prototypical state machine: a counter.

Work backwards?

EDIT: I need to somehow inch myself into this.  The substrate should
probably be Seq.  And Seq's C output is where to focus.  I'm not going
to get into LLVM at this point.

So how to create a C program in Seq?
EDIT: See exo/ghcid/ExoSP.hs

-- ExoSP
static inline void fun(seq_t o[1], seq_t r0) {
	seq_t r1 = seqMUL(r0, r0);
	o[0] = r1;

EDIT: It seems that this is really enough to work incrementally in
very small steps.  Wait until inspiration hit.

EDIT: Some essential structural / representational component is
missing.  Seq is made for sequential processing.  Not for event
handling.  How to add this?