Sat May 4 07:37:42 EDT 2019


I feel ready to tackle this.
First thing: multi-output bindings.

Seq is only single-output, so a simpler way would probably be to
create bundling of bindings instead?

data Binding n = Binding n (Term (Op n)) |
                 Probe (Op n) [String]

So if n were a collection, this would be solved?

I feel the solution to this is simple, but I don't see it, and I'd
have to first build a couple of things that don't work before the
proper way becomes obvious.

Let's just clone Term.hs and make it multi-binding.

This is going to be more difficult.
Let's just do it in-place.

I want this to be a simple change.  What do I really need?

A construct that introduces a loop variable, but otherwise does
nothing special.

I come back to the same architecture as RAI.