Mon Apr 8 08:55:52 EDT 2019

Naming: enable / strobe / clock?

Events on a dedicated bus are always represented as a pair consisting
of a control bit carrying time information, and a data word carrying

It seems best to call the clock bit "strobe", because:

- enable: refers to something being on/off for a longer time
- clock:  refers to register clocks, and it is NOT visible in RTL

Because strobes are so common, name them with an _s postfix?

Actually, just name it clock.  There is no possible confusion, because
in RTL, the "square wave" master clock is not visible as a signal.

So just use all 3, with this meaning:

- enable: on/off for a long duration
- clock:  data streams
- strobe: command streams

So clock/strobe is arbitrary to some extent.  Feel it out.