Wed Nov 28 12:15:42 EST 2018

Setting up dev env for CPU tests

- standardize boot.  basically, I want a kind of DHCP for these
  boards: plug in the board and have it load code.

- once booted, the main interface is spi.  is there a way to
  standardize this to TCP?

EDIT: See exo.txt

This is really a naming problem: some things have only local names,
but they can be embedded in some kind of wrapper that implement a
global name.

So essentially such resources have 2 names: a host name and a local
resource name.

EDIT: Going through the motions

tom@panda:~/asm_tools$ make f_soc.ct256.bin
tom@zoe:/i/panda/home/tom/asm_tools$ make f_soc.ct256.iceprog

I forgot about how to upload the ram.

Ok got it.  Added to makefile and iceprog.sh script.