Sun Sep 16 21:01:51 EDT 2018


Interface chip: blue pill.  There is no need for Rust here.  Keep it
simple.  This doesn't need to do anything complicated.

So it looks like it is necessary to generate instructions for the ICSP
anyway, so let's just do that.  Hook up up the naked dsPIC to the blue

I have a dsPIC30F4013 on a board.  There are the GP chips from a previous
project project also.  Does it make a difference for programming?

Programming: dspic 30F and 33F can both contain a "programming
executive", but it seems this first needs to be uploaded.  Maybe
simpler to use ICSP mode.

Definitely, this will need to be limited to low voltage programming.
I'm not going to build a charge pump.  This means only dsPIC33F.

EDIT: This is not simple.  Do I really want to get into this, or is it
just a beer idea?

EDIT: Sobered up.  The point here is to be able to do circuits without
the need for breakout boards.  I believe the dsPIC33F can be
programmed with pickit2.  Yes, see /home/tom/bin/pk2cmd.33FJ128GP802.write