Sun Sep 16 20:37:39 EDT 2018


- no USB needed.  this is for deeply embedded bits, solve interfacing
  elsewhere.  uart is fine.

- using e.g. an STM32 for this, it is also possible to put a PIC
  programmer in there.  the programming of the devices isn't really
  that difficult given bit-bang possibility on the STM32.

- time for some signal processing.  I have a bunch of these dsPIC
  DIP packages, so why not use them?

- dsPICs are simple.  Also, it will likely be straightforward to move
  this to a softcore written around some DSP primitives on an FPGA.

- I think I'm ready with the Haskell work:

  - PRU/Emu.hs can be transformed into a universal emulator / assembler

  - Haskell as a meta language is enough to implement Forth-like
    target languages

  - More complex things are often not needed: use a different chip
    with a "real" language like C or Rust.

What is needed?

- The tagless-final language can be built incrementally on top of an
  assembler.  I would like to use an existing assembler.  I don't
  think the Staapl approach of redoing everything makes much sense.
  Otoh I don't immediately find something, so maybe let's do this
  anyway?  It shouldn't be that hard.  It could be on an as-needed