Wed Aug 15 12:19:50 EDT 2018

FPGA load program

First, see if there is a sign of life when just modifying the blif manually.

Extend the iceprog program to send bytes to SPI.
EDIT: Done

Now, how to bootstrap into this?

Make a SPI command to set the other 7 LEDs.

Temp setup

on tp:
cd /i/tom/asm_tools
export PATH=/i/tom/git/icestorm/iceprog/:$PATH
make f_blink.ct256.iceprog
dd if=/dev/urandom of=/tmp/test.bin bs=1 count=1 ; iceprog -x /tmp/test.bin

echo -ne 'A' >/tmp/test.bin ; iceprog -x /tmp/test.bin