Fri Apr 8 09:58:17 EDT 2016

Midi knobs and structural editing

I've got the midi equipment organized in an Erlang program (studio).
Next: assign knobs to numeric values in code.

Do this the same way as before: traverse the tree, giving structural

Doodling a bit, it seems what is necessary next is a way to relate the
parsed expression back to text.  Maybe this is all easier to do in
racket instead of emacs.

emacs -> racket:  code snippet
racket -> emacs:  cut & replace

Best to focus on edits instead of sending the whole thing.

Emacs has a notion of "current expression".  This is initialized


Messages in more detail:

emacs -> racket

  - operate on current number
  - update full expression

racket -> emacs

  - update part or full expression