Sun Dec 7 19:58:45 EST 2014

one number at a time

so in pd we have:
- inc/dec current number
- gather all numbers from current expression
- send over udp socket

currently it sends all parameters.  how to send only the current one?
probably not necessary..

It's probably also better to explicitly tag the numbers that should be
parameters using a "p" tag.  Define this as a syntax parameter in
scheme?  Basically just something to reserve the name.

Or maybe something like quote/unquote/quasiquote?  These are not used
for anything and supported in emacs.  Unquote seems best as it has no
standard meaning outside of quasiquote.

Yeah can't figure out unquote ("not inside quasiquote") without going
deeper.  Let's use quote: it's already optional for numbers.