Tue Dec 2 17:20:21 EST 2014

Next: two loop problems

- Incorrect references for the stereo grid.

- Problems with intermediate results I ran into while doing reverbs.

Both need a smarter way to determine what parts of a grid node can be

How to start?

The problem is equating "zero-dimensional" with "internal node".

At some point the knowledge pops up that storage is indexed, e.g. (!
rx ry).  At this point it should also be noted that further references
are indexed.  That knowledge is lost in the ad-hoc handling..

Why is it known?
It's at definition point, so it's obviously known.

What about making the "virtual type" and "implementation type"
explicit?  I.e. for input/output nodes, both are the same, but for
internal nodes they can be different.

- Write an example and print out types
- Find a place to put the extra annotation
- Replace the current 'internal-node?' based guessing.