Sun Sep 28 19:09:32 CEST 2014

Live coding assembler

Basically, how short can the type-to-sound delay be made?

It seems to always be important here to separate algorithm design from
efficient implementation.

Optimization costs time.

Optimized compilation can not be instantaneous.

So a live coding instrument is necessarily an interpreter.

What if the interpreter is the CPU?  Live code assembly?

Since making music goes better for me when I limit myself, maybe the
same goes for writing code?  Start with M4F fixed point assembly, and
build a live coding language on top of that.

The end result will be useful, working, optimal code.

So the idea is to make this work first for raw assembly with
instantaneous response.  Then to build abstractions on top of it.

Fast DSP code is register-optimized DSP code, so that's what this
does.  Since it is dataflow, maybe do this as a graphical language?