Sun Sep 21 13:55:59 CEST 2014

Goals, problems and orthogonality

The problem domain for RAI is time-recursive algorithms.  The kind
that does not map well onto parallelism, unless it is "dumb
duplication" as parallel or pipelined serial filters.

Most DSP algorithms in the field are probably time-block based, or if
they are not, the operations at each control step are "wide" enough
such that the core routines are still matrix routines.

The problem I see is that vector instructions impose a lot of
structure in the data layout.  The main problem is not doing the
actual computation, but getting the data in the right spot.  DSP
implementation is a *ROUTING PROBLEM*.

And routing problems are combinatorial problems.

What I really want is an algebra to express all these forms of routing
and permutation.


The best way to go seems to pick a non-trivial problem and learn from

I have one: pitch/timbre controlled dynamic wavetable synthesis.  It's
sufficiently ad-hoc to not fit a particular mold.