Tue Jan 28 12:41:33 CET 2014

Prototyping & Production platforms

Time to fix the different target platforms.  I'd like to support:


- Racket through rsound `signal-play' (see test-ai-network.rkt)
  Later this can have a VM interpretation in scheme, e.g. based on the
  intermediate .il form.  For now straight C is good enough.

  This isn't particularly fast, but probably good enough.  To speed
  things up, code can run at larger blocksize, while blocksize = 1 is
  a possibility for better interfacing with the rsound `network' DSL.

- Pure Data:
   + "production" object with statically linked proc classes
   + dynamic loading of .sp class files
   + Pd gui creation
   + state-preserving reload

- Jack stand-alone or in-image in Racket.  Should be the same as the
  Pd module.  For in-image it might be interesting to add a Racket


- VST & LV2.  Straightforward.  Probably best on top of libproc.c as
  this allows more code reuse.  Static generation is not a problem.

- Cortex M4F DSP.  Static generation with local variables as state.