Thu Jan 9 22:38:37 EST 2014

Next: hard problems

- "extend from below" -> see also racket conference

- how to have multiple low-level bases implement a shared functional
  base?  e.g. 
    approximation of x->exp(x) in different contexts
    fixed point Cortex M4F.

- hierarchy of modules?  this really smells like haskell type classes.
  can it be formalized?  are racket modules sufficient? [1]

- formalize subsampling

- formalize delay lines  (+- ok?  it's already constructor based)

- fix transfer function computation (see DSP book?): separate
  computatuion of polygon / poles (once)from evaluation of rational
  function (many times, e.g. for plot).

- plug visualization into fluxus

- make the "code dial" work.  structured editor?  this probably
  requires some kind of jit.  or compile to some VM where constants
  are not inlined, or get "out-lined" whenever they are dialled.

- solve the multi-layer mix -> distribute problem (only nonlinear!).
  this requires representation of "map" as in Feldspar: essentially:
  don't ever unpack lists.  once unpacked, they gain individual
  identity and can no longer be represented as a separate array.  the
  goal could be to undo gratuitous unpacking?

[1] http://repository.readscheme.org/ftp/papers/sw2005/garcia.pdf