Sun Sep 15 17:12:50 EDT 2013

gdb & gcc/as

Got basics for gcc/as compilation and gdb interaction working.  The
idea is to make some kind of "console" where asm code can be tested
interactively, either on real hardware or in the qemu emulator.

I started getting into brainless hack mode trying to parse the gdb
output.  Looks like some emacs code uses a regexp massager to
translate the format to json, and then uses a json parser[1].

I do wonder, for a syntax as simple as that, there has to be a nice
racket tool that can do it.  E.g. a packrat parser..

EDIT: It wasn't so hard to write a recursive descent parser using
`peek-char' and `read-char'.

[1] https://github.com/dov/dov-env/blob/master/emacs/gdb-mi.el