Wed Jun 12 11:28:54 EDT 2013

Pd-dev, music-dsp, racket list post

Hi List,

I've been cleaning it up a bit. Still quite raw in the details, but it basically works.

added synth-lib.rkt basic synth kit and synth.rkt example synthesizer:

- envelopes
- parameter control dezippers
- parameter control scales (exponential, "squashed" exponential, ...)
- SVF filter
- supersaw osc
- anti-aliased saw osc
- saturation functions
- FDN reverb tail

How I use it at this time, Linux + Pd:

make sp_host.pd_linux # build binary Pd wrapper
pd sp_test.pd & # run Pd patch built around sp_host
make livecode # continuously compile synth.rkt -> synth.sp binary module

then edit synth.rkt or any of its dependencies and the binary code running in Pd will be updated, leaving state intact if the type didn't change.

some docs at http://zwizwa.be/rai

For headless Windows VST plugin:  "make synth.dll"
This needs a Linux->Windows cross compiler; follow the error messages.