RAI - Racket Abstract Interpretation

Development log for the RAI project.

The goal of this project is to explore code generation and validation
using techniques based on Abstract Interpretation, implemented in

For more information, visit http://zwizwa.be/rai

This log was forked from:
which contains more information about the Haskell leg of the project.

20170530 tp / core
entry point?
Fix build to support build VM + separate target to run the code
Bit rot
20170318 Haskell
20170103 oleg on stream fusion
20170102 Raw audio & packet loss
20160813 Ardour 5 inline display
20160408 s-expr coords
Structural editor
Midi knobs and structural editing
20160218 AKFE
20160217 Spice: TODO
Axoloti scales
20160216 retrigger state reset
Doodling rai/lc
To solve
20160214 probably best to switch to OSC
20160213 Mix matrix
20160208 Interface
20160125 Driver application
20160124 GCN
20150719 Haskell types
20150711 Next?
20150419 The Death of Optimizing Compilers
20150303 Visualize
20150226 Workflow
20150222 Next?
20150220 rai image
20150218 Merging live coding strategies
20150217 next?
live coding
20150213 Application
Abstracting primitives
20150120 socat broadcast midi
BCR-2000 setup
20141209 Live coding
20141207 Structural addresses?
one number at a time
emacs udp
20141205 Emacs side
20141204 Snarfing params
20141203 emacs
Live coding : make every number a parameter
Is the fdn problem solved now?
Still not fixed..
Fixing array annotation
20141202 Can't rewrite yet
Next: two loop problems
How to think about loops?
Big problem?
Stereo as grids?
loop and values should commute
Grid types explained (again) - Where is my morphism?
1 - 1 ?
Duplicating outputs
20141201 native pulseaudio
linux and audio
pulseaudio and jack
Not Pd
Generative Piece
20141130 Float / Int
20141129 Rhythms
bug: 'm' as variable name causes problems
Core language
Using integers
Bresenham phasor/pulsor?
Bresenham's Algorithm
Sequencer from first principle
4 on the floor
Moving things forward
20141009 Remove the s-exp thing
20141003 restructure
20141002 tree reorg
20140930 Purpose - something new
20140928 LLVM
Live editor
Live coding assembler
20140922 Testing ARM fixpoint
Fixed point
20140921 Cortex M4F Fixed point and Floating Point Unit : ARM online docs
Dataflow explorer
Primitive pool
Goals, problems and orthogonality
Too complicated
Control and computation
Assisted assembler a.k.a. "smart emulators".
What is the real problem to solve?
Reverse macros
Bottom up for M4F
Macros in low level languages
john clemens, racketcon 2014 - sound, why is it so imperative
20140920 Axo Pex
Axo floating point
20140918 Axo reboot
20140216 Next
20140128 Pointer indirection
Next: isolated problems
Prototyping & Production platforms
20140127 In-image sequencer
Compiler temp dir
20140126 ai-stream.rkt replacement
Next: pattern music
DSP interfaces for cortex
20140125 Data structures.
20140121 C with holes
20140120 Racket gui experiments
A nice use case for rust?
Quick compile & run
GUI in racket
20140119 SP structures
Changes to rai.h
20140117 From floats arrays to generic types?
20140116 Structs instead of float arrays
20140115 pd: find all sliders in current canvas
Fixed point math
Loop transformations
20140114 About implicit indexing
What is important?
Write an executable tutorial
Evolve or rewrite?
20140111 Removing the scheme reference implementation?
20140110 Delay lines, commitation of implementation and structural transformation
20140109 Next: hard problems
20131228 Float vectors
FFI for libslv2
20131227 Testing LV2
20131218 slideshow
20131205 LV2 torture test
20131201 Next?
20131006 Kernel in Rust?
20131005 LV2: Turtle RDF
20130928 State machine transformer
20130915 gdb trickery
qemu emulator
gdb & gcc/as
20130902 Live coding
20130825 MinGW
20130824 Cortex-M4F
20130617 Fluxus question
Live coding
Fluxus install
Fluxus / LLVM / Pd
20130614 Composing state machines
20130613 A simplified simulator
Project management: future of RAI
20130612 Merging ideas: Staapl and RAI
Idiomatic C
What target to pick?
Industry integration: validated, bottom-up design
Pd-dev, music-dsp, racket list post
20130611 KVR post
20130610 Next
John Clements Course
20130603 Run generated C code from Scheme
20130602 Add a `where' form?
Move to git / github / racket package