Wed Nov 30 16:34:01 EST 2016

sending subvolumes

Apparently you can't "chain sends" with btrfs.

E.g. sending

snapshot_1,host_A -> snapshot_1,host_B

on host_B:  snapshot_1 -> snapshot (rw, then modify) -> snapshot_2

snapshot_2,host_B -> parent of snapshot_2,host_B

now snapshot_1,host_A is no longer the parent of snapshot_1,host_A

is it possible to re-parent snapshot_2 to snapshot_1?


Maybe this is really not intended to work like that..
It seems rather complicated.

Let's just use this for keeping track of backups for now, and put the
"core" filesystem on a dedicated disk, keep that as the germ line, and
possibly fork off temporary working copies.  It would also make it
clear how to use it: external drive = master, and perform updates only
on master.