Wed Nov 9 14:12:12 EST 2016

bohm headset

pairing worked with blueman-assistant, but only after restarting tp.
connect didn't work in blueman-assistant, but did work in bluetoothctl.
once connected, a popup (blueman?) appeared to allow.
then sink appeared in pavucontrol

this is too complicated to see what goes wrong where...

then it connects only in low-quality headset mode
in popop, do this

"Headset" -> deny
"Advanced Audio" -> accept

"Remote Control" -> accept

Figure out how to script this.

blueman-manager -> device -> audio profile -> hifi (A2DP)

further reading:

surprising: this does not go throug alsa - pulseaudio does direct bluetooth.

EDIT: Also: add "Enable=Socket" to /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf
This whole thing seems quite complex..