Tue Sep 13 17:55:08 EDT 2016

qemu raw partitions

After switch to lxc and the convenience of btrfs, it seems there is
little use left for kvm apart for security.  I'm actually quite happy
about not having to work with image files any more..

Running kvm on a btrfs subvolume doesn't seem possible.

It is possible though to run without a bootloader:

Have qemu load kernel + initrd, and specify partition:

   QEMU supports loading Linux kernels and init ramdisks directly,
   thereby circumventing bootloaders such as GRUB. It then can be
   launched with the physical partition containing the root file
   system as the virtual disk, which will not appear to be
   partitioned. This is done by issuing a command similar to the

qemu-system-i386 -kernel /boot/vmlinuz-linux -initrd /boot/initramfs-linux.img -append root=/dev/sda /dev/sda3