Tue Aug 9 16:42:15 EDT 2016

nfs stat

NFS is very slow through soekris vpn and eop device.
Looking at the dump, this is mostly a latency problem:

6-8ms round-trip on getattr (from ls)

(time between calls is 1/100 of that)

Corresponds to ping times.  Ping also sees larger delays.

( I'm typing this on a TCP connection and can clearly see there are
dropouts as well. )

Ping time without VPN is 4.5ms and seemingly more stable.
Ping on LAN is 0.2-0.6, more than an order of magnitude less latency.
Ping on Wifi is very variable. 6-20 ms.
But over VPN it is again smaller?  Nope just variable 4 ms wifi, 6ms wifi+vpn.

Troughput is horrible.  Chokes after 1GB.
Mabye because of async?

HA! I know what the problem is.  My prompt is accessing the current
git directory to display the branch name.  That is causing a lot of access.

Too many interactions!