Fri Jul 8 15:57:06 EDT 2016

kodi port 9090 missing

See bottom. (assumptions not correct)

tcp6 9090 is still open but that is likely a bug: not closed on error.
log has error: ERROR: JSONRPC Server: Failed to connect to sdpd

which is after a call to sdp_connect

SDP is Service Discovery Protocol.
Defined in bluetooth/sdp.h

Obscure crap..  Going to upgrade entire host to testing.

Actually this is not the problem.  9090 works fine on pi and has the same error message.
Something else is going on: why doesn't it create a socket?

WORKAROUND: The ipv6 port works just fine. add this to /etc/rinetd.conf:

# Workaround for kodi not starting jsonrpc on 9090 9090 ip6-localhost 9090