Wed May 4 15:28:48 EDT 2016

preparing for central management

Almost ready with debianification.  Eliminated OpenWRT router.  Using
just hostapd on x86 host now.

Still two ubuntu boxes, but would like to eliminate those as well, or
at least make them very special purpose.

How to get a list of installed packages that are not just

Some other problems:

- working on multiple PCs with the current .txt file layout creates
  too many unnecessary merge conflicts due to lack of structural info.
  (each post behaves as a single file + posts are sorted by date).

  there is a way around it which is to put it in separate files.
  however that would be very cumbersome as it requires an 'add' for
  each file, and referencing also is more of a drag.  what to do here?
  how to add merge strategies?