Sun Jan 26 11:07:48 CET 2014

Racket from source

Since fluxus needs to compile libraries and there is no longer a tgz
for 64bit linux, it's time to switch to a more streamlined racket
upgrade system.

Build from source + create a debian package.

Or it might be simpler to use:

./configure --enable-shared --prefix=/usr/local
echo 'Racket with libraries from racket-5.92-src.tgz' >description-pak
sudo checkinstall --pkgname=racket --pkgversion=5.92 make install

I had to run the mkdir step manually - the install gave a 'no such
file or directory' error for /usr/local/share/racket.
mkdir -p "/usr/local/bin" "/usr/local/share/racket/collects" "/usr/local/share/doc/racket" "/usr/local/lib" "/usr/local/include/racket" "/usr/local/lib/racket" "/usr/local/share/racket" "/usr/local/etc/racket" "/usr/local/share/applications" "/usr/local/share/man"