Mon Sep 2 18:09:00 EDT 2013

I hate CUPS, part 123

"/usr/lib/cups/filter/foomatic-rip failed"

In /var/log/cups/error_log :

D [02/Sep/2013:18:01:25 -0400] [Job 22] Cannot process "/var/spool/cups/d00022-001": Unknown filetype.
D [02/Sep/2013:18:01:25 -0400] [Job 22] Process is dying with "Could not print file /var/spool/cups/d00022-001
D [02/Sep/2013:18:01:25 -0400] [Job 22] ", exit stat 2

Trying again, same error.  File type is:

znork:/var/spool/cups# file d00024-001 
d00024-001: HP Printer Job Language data

This is:
evince -> cups zoo -> cups znork -> USB printer

The zoo cups is doing the PS/PDF->HP conversion.  This worked before.

I think I recently upgraded cups on zoo, which might by why it is
broken.  Lets set the config at zoo to use Generic Postscript level 1:

Now it seems to start.  Yep that fixed it.

And then I change the name and it spits out blank pages..