Mon Jan 14 20:09:16 EST 2013

zni lvm borked

It's got root on lvm on a critical machine which is stupid.
After upgrading, lvmscan reports "No volume groups found".

Which might be just a glitch, but if it doesn't come back up after
boot I'm screwed, so I'm backing up the system, and copied the root to
an external USB disk which might be used to boot from.

- complete backups
- try to boot the USB disk on laptop
- if that works, try to reboot zni
- if that doesn't work, try to boot from USB + restore (removing LVM stuff)
- if that doesn't work, reconfigure network + reinstall zni

It seems to be booting correctly.  Maybe leave things as they are for no?

mkdir /dev /sys /proc /run
+ edit /etc/fstab with new root dir

Now it boots.  Waiting for fsck :)
Ok, copying back the data.  Will take the rest of the night..