Tue Oct 16 16:10:24 EDT 2012

List of ppm to mov

Use ppm2png to limit the storage space a bit.  Maybe it's best to
convert it to jpeg actually..  I've been running it like this,
periodically taking finished frames from a directory and using a
parallel make to do the encoding:

 while sleep 1; do mv ../*.ppm . ; make -j6 -f ~/pool/mk/ppm2png.mk ; rm *.ppm; done

From [1]:
ffmpeg -r 2 -vsync 1 -qscale 5 -f image2 -i progress_%02d.png -vcodec copy progression.mov

ffmpeg -r 60 -vsync 1 -qscale 5 -f image2 -i frame%06d.png -vcodec mjpeg movie.mov


Almost right.  I've got some 1 bit pngs which are not properly
converted to mov, so need to convert them first to 24bit or somehow
force conversion in ffmpeg.

[1] http://mbudisic.wordpress.com/2011/01/21/converting-a-sequence-of-pngs-to-a-quicktime-movie/
[2] http://zwizwa.be/darcs/pool/mk/ppm2png.mk
[3] http://osdir.com/ml/video.ffmpeg.user/2005-03/msg00085.html