Mon Sep 10 17:38:40 CEST 2012

ipv6 access

6->4 tunnel.  I have 2 access points, both have a /64 subnet routed to
different physical locations (BE + US).

There's also a /48 subnet that can be used for "real" subnetting
that's routed to one of the locations.

For now it seems best to map the /64 to internal network IP addresses
in the 10.* 192.168.* ranges.  The same approach for both "access

Problem with encapsulation is that the return addresses need to be
stored somewhere, so this is always stateful.  Long term solution is
to do dual stack: run IPv6 on each machine.

Some info on NAT-PT[2].

Looks like this one is routed to BE site 2001:6f8:202:8569::/64
( Trying ping from other IPv6 host. )

[1] http://www.zdnet.com/blog/networking/five-ways-for-ipv6-and-ipv4-to-peacefully-co-exist/244
[2] http://tomicki.net/ipv6.router.php