Mon Mar 12 10:42:06 CET 2012


Belgacom BeBox2: Looks like this is rather a complicated setup.

* 2 ethernet TV outputs, one connected to the ethernet over power
  lines that go to the 2 digibox TV adapters.

* 2 PC outputs.  Seem to handle both ppp and plain ethernet/dhcp.  The
  latter is good as a fallback, so I can use DNS to redirect services.

* Wifi

* 2 VLANS: looks like one for PC (global IP), one for TV+VOIP (local IP).

* Both DHCP and PPPoE work at the same time on a single port.

* It has SIP too.  How does it relate to the telephone # on the analog
  line?  Probably has nothing to do with it..  It seems to have two
  FXS ports for connecting analog phones.