Wed Dec 7 18:57:02 EST 2011

Printer drama postmortem

I kinda lost it this time.  Multiple problems again having to print
something last minute.  This printer madness is getting quite absurd.

I didn't find a reason for the first two, for the rest I have a

- cups seems to send empty jobs.  restarting cups helps.
- i found a big black toner-spilling paper coming out of the MAGICOLOR

- the HL2240 was printing landscape orientation
- feeder problem with the MAGICOLOR: probably tray 2 not closed properly after move
- there's a routing problem om br1
- MAGICOLOR doesn't seem to like to be switched off

The HL2240 landscape problem seems to be only happening with okular
0.10.5 (debian 4:4.4.5-2) while evince 2.32.0-1 is fine.  Maybe I
should stick to evince and not use okular?  The new version okular
4:4.6.5-3 still has the same problem.  It could also be a problem in
openoffice though, which is where the pdf came from.

I found the black square pdf in /var/spool/cups/tmp.  I have no idea
how that came to be.  It says it's generated by pdf2pdf.  I find no

That feeder problem I don't know.  It should be ok now.

Let's just keep the MAGICOLOR on.  It has power save mode.