Tue Nov 1 15:40:06 EDT 2011

Apache log parser

I still have my pool of logs, but I lost the parser.  I find
this[1][2] but no code.  Ok, got it[3].

Tried to run it and it gives parse errors.  Probably log format config
changed at some point.

It seems best though to not do this in Scheme.  What I want to do can
be done in a DB without trouble.  Let's fit it into MySQL or SQLite
and use some standard queries; might be a good way to learn.

1. Frontend regexp that generates INSERT
2. SQL queries

Apparently something changed: the vhost is appended too.  I tried to
fix it but I can't get anything decent out of it.  Looks like I need
to play a bit with regexps to get this to work.

[1] entry://20091001-131036
[2] entry://../plt/20090712-111931
[3] http://zwizwa.be/-/darcs/plt/lib/x