Fri Oct 28 10:51:56 EDT 2011

I hate printers - Printing from Google Chrome fails

Printing a web page from Google Chrome fails: nothing happens.
Exporting to .pdf and printing from okular works fine.

The logs give this:

localhost - - [28/Oct/2011:10:36:04 -0400] "POST /printers/HL2240 HTTP/1.1" 200 460654 Print-Job successful-ok
localhost - - [28/Oct/2011:10:39:12 -0400] "POST /printers/HL2240 HTTP/1.1" 200 460693 Print-Job successful-ok
localhost - - [28/Oct/2011:10:47:13 -0400] "POST /printers/HL2240 HTTP/1.1" 200 460671 Print-Job successful-ok
localhost - - [28/Oct/2011:10:48:50 -0400] "POST /printers/HL2240 HTTP/1.1" 200 456 Create-Job successful-ok
localhost - - [28/Oct/2011:10:48:50 -0400] "POST /printers/HL2240 HTTP/1.1" 200 760023 Send-Document successful-ok

My assumption is that the first 3 attempts are the failures.

To check: try to recreate this condition by printing from Chrome and
see if that's actually what happens.  Then find out what the fuck is
going on again.

Is this the Brother drivers or is CUPS just a piece of steaming crap?

The jobs are indeed there and indicate no error, but nothing happened.
They just disappear into the void.

The web interface knows about the jobs, but this doesn't seem to be in
the log files.  Where is that state stored?

/var/spool/cups/c00092   # nothing happened
/var/spool/cups/c00093   # ok

The job-k-octets are not empty so it seems that everything was passed
on to the driver, and it did not signal any error.  That's where to
look next.

This reminds me of a problem with the MFC-240C driver[1].  Maybe
Chrome passes stuff into pipe and not as a file?

Then today, after a fresh system reboot, it worked again.  This is a
print from Chrome:

localhost - - [29/Oct/2011:13:34:32 -0400] "POST /printers/HL2240 HTTP/1.1" 200 308280 Print-Job successful-ok


[1] entry://20110228-173738