Thu Sep 15 11:24:49 EDT 2011

Cups again

I spend so much time mucking about with this and it keeps breaking.
I'm using a Brother HL-2240 and the latest drivers from Brother,
together with cups from Debian Wheezy.

Sometimes it works / sometimes it hangs.  I didn't see a real pattern
yet, but in top I see it's the "usb" process that's doing something.
From pstree:

     │       └─usb

The green light on the printer is flashing, which means either that
there is data transfer in progress (for several minutes) or that there
is data left in memory.  If I press the button, it prints part of the

It's a page with a lot of graphics.

From here[1] it's mentioned that the PCL drivers also work.

Anyways, I'm first going to try the purged install, and will document
here what steps I took to change the network printing.


See [2].  After purge it worked.

[1] http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1627516
[2] entry://20110915-114706