Fri Sep 9 20:21:05 EDT 2011

Printing broke again..

I passionately hate printers.

After upgrade to Debin testing.. I don't know... WTF.  Spits out blank
pages, or part of a page.  Have to press the GO button for it to

Ok..  Green light blinking.  Manual says this is either warm up / cool
down / data rx / data process.  Manual says to press button if it
takes too long.  When I did it came out with 20% of page printed.
Then it started to spit blanks.  Turned it on, booted in windows.
Removed all installs (every time it turns on a new intances was
installed!)  Didn't do anything but mentioning paper jam.  Removed
jammed paper (from turning it off during blank paper spewing).  All
printing after that disappeared in the void on windows.  Switched back
to linux.  First time same blinking light problem.  Waited for a bit
then it came out.  Think it was complete - not sure.  After that
everything was fine.  Weird..