Sun Jun 12 14:14:02 CEST 2011

emacs and xterm

I'm moving to the theory that XTerm is actually "more correct" than
any of the other terminal emulators, and will use it as my default.
Before I ran into trouble with setting 256 color mode.  Recently I ran
into trouble with X selection, but it seems to have been a relic of
the following, which simply didn't work in RXVT.

;; From the `xterm-mouse-mode' help page:
;;   When turned on, the normal xterm mouse functionality for such
;;   clicks is still available by holding down the SHIFT key while
;;   pressing the mouse button.

;; For xterm it seems best to have both worlds, even if that means to
;; have to use shift-middle to do paste from another X window.  In
;; rxvt the xterm-mouse-mode doesn't work.

(xterm-mouse-mode 1)