Wed Mar 30 15:25:56 EDT 2011


Copying data from zoo to moms saturates at 12MB/sec, completely
plugging the pipe.  No other traffic gets through.

Why does it saturate?  And why does it saturate at 12MB/sec (100Mbit?)
for a disk copy with dst and src disks faster than that?

VLAN issue?

tom@zoo:~$ ssh moms 'cat /dev/zero' | pv >/dev/null

This gives 11-12 MB/sec.  These are 100M speeds.  Topology is as

zoo -- gig1 -- gig2 -- moms
        |       |
      fast1    fast2 -- internet

Both gigabit ethernet switches have a fast ehternet (100M) switch
attached which connects some slower gear.  fast2 is a WRT54G which has
its switch configured to tag the internet port as VLAN1, and bridges
its wifi port to VLAN11 on the shared segment.