Fri Mar 11 19:33:10 EST 2011

zoo site setup

I'd like to go back to the old zzz-style setup, where the WRT54G
routers are dumb, and just bridge their interfaces onto vlans, where a
more powerful server takes care of all networking stuff.

However, I want to combine it with a default setup that makes the
router take over in case the bigger server is down, so there is at
least internet functionality.

The main question is: when you run dhcp-client on the bridge, can you
set the mac address?

It's not necessary to use a bridge, simply configure the WRT54G switch
to bring tagged frames from the WAN port to the server port, and
possibly disconnect the router from the WAN port.

# Detach router (5) from the WAN port (4), and send tagged frames over
# LAN-1 (3) which has the server.

robocfg vlan 1 ports "4 3t"

# Kill local daemons
killall udhcpc
killall dnsmasq
killall openvpn
echo "nameserver">/etc/resolv.conf

# It might be a good idea to add a watchdog that resets the router
# when the connectivity to the routing server goes away.