Sat Nov 20 23:26:08 EST 2010

Real-time kernel

The last one is

This as usual gives trouble with the other non-free drivers.  However,
it might be necessary to keep those out of the kernel anyway since
they are not rt-ified.

So I need to start jack without the midi. FGLRX trouble
 sudo m-a -l -k /usr/src/linux-headers- a-i fglrx
also vmnet trouble

Possible solutions:

  * Get rid of the HD5xxx card and use the HD4xxx card only with the
    free driver until the HD5xxx is fully supported.

  * Vmware should be fixable.

still getting xruns:
JackAudioDriver::ProcessAsync: read error, skip cycle

Trying now with patch-

Works + vmware drivers work.
But still that strange jack error.
Pd + ALSA works, but some digital distortion on the outputs.