Tue Jun 22 18:06:39 CEST 2010

A unified server

I'd like to concentrate all the services I have running atm into a
single image, or a collection of vservers, such that migration, backup
and duplication become easier.  Custom servers require too much

  - some things do not run in vserver (i.e. quagga, openvpn, ...)
  - 32 vs 64 bit with binary software (also intel vs. other arch)
  - monoculture problems: i.e. do something wrong, take out all servers

  - low-level network: firewall, routing, dns, dhcp, tftp
  - squid web cache
  - email (smtp in/out, pop+imap)
  - filtering web proxy
  - file server ftp/www/samba
  - printer (local + remote forward)

I'm a bit worried about the monoculture issues though.