Wed Mar 31 15:09:01 CEST 2010

jackd hammerfall

ed:~# cat /proc/asound/cards
cat /proc/asound/cards
 1 [R15            ]: RME9636 - RME Digi9636 (Rev 1.5)
                      RME Digi9636 (Rev 1.5) at 0x40000000, irq 21
 2 [M1010          ]: ICE1712 - M Audio Delta 1010
                      M Audio Delta 1010 at 0x1080, irq 16

This means hw:1 is the RME, and hw:2 is the M-Audio.  There is no
hw:0, which is probably why the default doesn't work.

This seems to work:

 jackd -d alsa -Phw:1

I used this for recording:

 ecasound -f 16,4,48000 -i jack -o test.wav

(EDIT: this didn't work for the RME audio.  I ended up using a Roland
usb audio card to do the recording off the mixer board's digi out.
Coming back to it, I managed to get it to work with the following
setup on a 2.6.33 RT kernel; the RME is card0.)

tom@ed:~/bin$ cat jackd.ed
exec jackd -d alsa -i 18 -o 18

tom@ed:~/bin$ cat pd.ed
exec /usr/bin/pd -jack -inchannels 8 -outchannels 8 "$@"