Fri Dec 25 12:02:44 CET 2009

Acer One upgrade -> 2.6.32

Reason: webcam problems: can only open once, after that it crashes.

The 28.8 had extra drivers for the wifi
In the 32 the webcam driver doesn't seem to load automatically.

28.8 lsmod
- ath_pci    AR2445 (MAC 14.2, PHY SChip 7.0, Radio 10.2)
- uvcvideo   (0c45:62c0)


I have a madwifi.tar.bz2 somewhere..

# Using debian module-assistant:

m-a a-i madwifi

Doesn't compile

# Using latest svn:
svn checkout http://madwifi-project.org/svn/madwifi/trunk madwifi-svn

That seems to work, but only after a device power-off.

uvcvideo also seems to work.

now checking after hybernate.
- wifi comes back up
- camera too.