Fri Dec 11 10:12:00 CET 2009

Android debug bridge: stdout and stderr


  Viewing stdout and stderr

  By default, the Android system sends stdout and stderr (System.out
  and System.err) output to /dev/null. In processes that run the
  Dalvik VM, you can have the system write a copy of the output to the
  log file. In this case, the system writes the messages to the log
  using the log tags stdout and stderr, both with priority I.

  To route the output in this way, you stop a running emulator/device
  instance and then use the shell command setprop to enable the
  redirection of output. Here's how you do it:

  $ adb shell stop
  $ adb shell setprop log.redirect-stdio true
  $ adb shell start

  The system retains this setting until you terminate the
  emulator/device instance. To use the setting as a default on the
  emulator/device instance, you can add an entry to /data/local.prop
  on the device.

The 'stop' command will stop the entire framework (rooted at zygote).
The 'start' command starts.

The 'setprop' survives reboots??  No..

[1] http://developer.android.com/guide/developing/tools/adb.html