Wed Sep 30 10:40:44 CEST 2009

Poor Man's Desktop Publishing

html:  edit .html to remove cruft, then print to .pdf in browser
       alternatively, paste html in openoffice and fix layout


for i in *.JPG; do
    jpegtopnm $i | pnmtops -dpi 300 -equalpixels >$i.ps;

This produces huge files..  Let's try the djvu route first.  Djvu
apparently has trouble with greyscale files.  Trying to convert to
black & white first.  That's it.  Proper thresholding (no dithering)
does wonders.

integrating pages from images and other sources (other pdf), it's
simplest to just dump everything to image:

pdftoppm -gray -r 300 FGOH.pdf FGOH
for i in *.pgm; do pnmtojpeg $i >`basename $i .pgm`.jpeg; done