Fri Jun 26 14:40:34 CEST 2009

workstation != server

Ah crap this version doesn't have a vserver patch...  Trying
now.  Maybe I should just give up on the vserver stuff on the desktop?
It leads to too many kernel patch dependencies..  Let's move
everything from zzz to zni.

Alternatively I can just keep the old zzz setup but run it on a
different box.  This stuff gets quite complicated..  No, aim should
really be to have it all on one box.

I could prepare the duron box/1G to run the zzz vserver, then later
maybe solve it using xen or so.  No, it's better to move the old zzz
disk that's in the lex box to the duron box for backup, and see if I
can use some other way of virtualization..  Or maybe the patch works
with 2.6.30 ?

So, yes, because I'm not going to stop experimenting with the phenom
box it's probably best to pre-empt things and reinstate zzz as the
duron box.