Fri Jun 26 12:27:47 CEST 2009

ATI 3300

With only 2G in the machine it seems to give an image, though the
machine reboots when I kill the X server.  So.. what to do next?  I
really don't feel like loosing time with this.  Let's give up the ATI
proprietary path and try to get 2D accell working with the open source
drivers, switching back to debian unstable.

Ok. The radeon kernel module apparently doesn't recognize the card.
Let's build a fresh kernel.


# make one before calling make-kpkg

	--rootcmd fakeroot \
	--initrd \
	--revision=$REV \

Works: 2.6.30 + (1.6.1 RC 1)

Now let's try with vserver.. radeon doesn't work in