Tue Jun 23 10:16:20 CEST 2009

host -> guest conversion

What startup scripts need to be removed?
 - firewall
 - network
 - anything old in /etc/rc.boot that loads modules directly
 - kernels, all module and hal stuff

What packages are no longer neded (apt-get remove)
 - xserver-xorg wdm jackd
 - util-vserver
 - quagga openvpn
 - autofs nfs-kernel-server
 - klogd


/etc/fstab needs to be removed.  make sure the directories that are
configured in /etc/vservers/zzz/fstab are available

It pauses at:
Starting kernel log daemon...

Aha. What I'm looking for is vserver-debiantools:

  Description: Tools to manage debian virtual servers This package
    contain tools to manage debian based virtual servers. There are
    tools to create and duplicate a virtual server. There is also a
    tool to strip a copy of a normal debian installation from hardware
    dependent things.

Hmm.. i guess i used it wrong, it messed up the /dev dir and didn't do
much else..