Mon Jun 22 18:38:37 CEST 2009

new toy

Got a phenom II - installing debian amd64.

Time to reorganize zzz, since it looks like I need to install a new

The idea is to start working on the redundant set of services for all
3 nodes to run (zwizwa, zzz, giebrok).

First problem that we're going to run into: 32 bit binary
applications.  Is it possible to run this in a vserver?  If so, old
zzz could be migrated incrementally to 64 bit.

Ok this seems to be no problem.. Let's work like that for a bit.

What needs to be host, and what can be vserver?

  - firewall
  - quagga routing + openvpn

guest (zzz):
  - squid + privoxy
  - apache + plt-web-server
  - exim
  - cups
  - tftp + nfs
  - samba