Mon Apr 27 12:54:55 CEST 2009

emacs and mutt

I like mutt as an email reader, but I didn't manage yet to make it
work well with emacs.  Moreover because I use mutt on a remote machine
and run emacs locally.

The problem with using emacs as a mutt editor is that the RPC
mechanism just doesn't work well..  This is not a problem with mutt
itself, but with the principle behind RPC..  In fact, mutt doesn't
need to wait for a mail message to be done editing to send it: emacs
is perfectly able to send off the message by itself.

So let's do that: define a macro such that a file can be sent to emacs
for handling.

It's simplest to just use the pipe command.  This then transfers the
message as a whole to emacs, where some emacs function collects it and
constructs a reply.

I've used vm (view mail) before: