Thu Mar 12 19:32:12 CET 2009


Another stab at remote backup: (modeled after the unix "tee" command).

 1. startup: make sure two filesystem trees M, S are mirrored using

 2. every mutating operation on M is recorded in a journal and can be
    applied to S either live or after a delay.  read operations always
    only access M.

What I would like to have is a no-hassle synchronous backup: a program
is updating M, but I'm actually interested in accessing files in S as
if they were local, without having to "pull" or "poll" them (push only

This might be an interesting project to get to know FUSE.

So, this is actually RAID1, but on filesystem level + there is never
any traffice from S->M (except during initial sync or resync on

Maybe recording the serialized write actions themselves is enough?
Since the real data is there, the effect of all actions can be